Why Tom Horn?

Why Tom Horn?

Since childhood, I've been a fan of the Wild West, which I associate with unlimited freedom and wildness. I was fascinated by gunslingers, gold prospectors, lawmen, and those outside the law. Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and Tom Horn have forever found a place in my heart. When I created my Facebook profile, the first thought that came to my mind was to create a profile under the pseudonym TOM HORN. And so my adventure began, no longer as Tomasz but as Tom.

I've always been an adventurer, I liked competition and challenges. When in 2014, a competition was announced on my favorite TV show, Gas Monkey Garage, for the Turbo Beard, I immediately decided to grow a beard. I didn't participate in the competition (unfortunately, I couldn't match Aaron Kaufman's beard in 3 months), but the beard remained.

After these few years of wearing a beard, it's hard for me to imagine myself without it. My life revolves around the beard and everything related to it. I've met many wonderful bearded men, some of whom I connected with through shared interests, while others became friends. It's fascinating how a beard can unite such diverse people with various passions and interests, as well as temperaments. Every bearded gathering or intimate beard meeting I managed to attend brought new acquaintances and new challenges. In 2019, I competed in the Polish Beard Championships, where I took 4th place. I consider it a success because the competition was truly respectable.

My beard quickly became recognizable due to its distinctive and specific coloring. It also started gaining interest among photographers and companies in the clothing and cosmetics industry. This gave me the drive for further ideas and actions and opened new doors.

I've always taken care of myself and paid attention to beard care products. I use beard oil, balm, and shampoo in my daily routine, but I was still looking for the perfect product for me. Even when the ingredients were good, I didn't like the scent. I thought, why not make it myself, with a great formula and my favorite Oud fragrance.

Work on Oud 45 cosmetics took several months. We perfected every detail, tested recipes, and searched for an unconventional and intriguing scent composition while ensuring the perfect formula. The result exceeded my wildest expectations.

The product was created out of the passion and dedication of many wonderful people: bearded men and beard enthusiasts. A product from a Bearded Man for Bearded Men.